I am pleased to report my entries have won the IOCCC!

If you want to talk to me about it, please write to ioccc at snox.

Winning the IOCCC is like writing a dark and stormy night; the code is written obscurely, except for occasional spoilers, then it is judged in a violent round of drinking which helps to understand the code (for it is in the Judge's domiciles that our scene lies), rattling the brains of many, and fiercely agitating the professional standards of most programmers that struggle against the darkness.
-- Dave Burton

  • As published on the 24th IOCCC website, there is a small problem with calc:
    evaluates as 1 with no error
    prints "garbage" values
    There is a short patch which corrects these without changing the rule2 counts;
    the already patched code is available.
  • The spoilers referred to in the remarks did not make it onto the ioccc.org site.